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Christina Thomas is the owner of MY Self Wellness in Bonita Springs, Florida. MY Self Wellness opened in 2019, offering psychedelic ketamine therapy treatments that are helping so many suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumic Stress Disorder and many other mental health conditions. Her fiancé Charles is the chief education officer and brand ambassador at MY Self Wellness. Together they founded Warriors of Consciousness to be able to help people that are struggling but cannot afford ketamine treatment. In seeing the marvelous transformation that past clients have undergone they knew that they needed for as many people as possible to be able to gain access to this therapy that is not covered by insurance and without being restricted by it’s financial commitment.

Charles suffered for over 20 years with crippling depression, PTSD and anxiety. He self medicated these issues with alcohol and other substances. It wasn’t until he started using psychedelics for their therapeutic properties that he found his way out of addiction. After experiencing the healing that psychedelic therapy offers – Charles and Christina together knew they needed to share this healing with the world.

People don’t have to suffer anymore and you can be a part of the solution

Board of Advisors

Sean Casey

Director of Acquisitions and Outreach.


Sean is a ketamine patient who has used the medicine to recover from a variety of medical traumas. They include full body paralysis and numbness brought on by Lyme Disease induced Transverse Myelitis. Sean also struggled with mental health issues like anxiety and depression for the majority of his life.


Through the miracle of ketamine therapy Sean can walk, run, kayak and enjoy a normal life. Within a year of initial treatments Sean got off of 11 prescription medications.


Sean’s goal is to help those who suffered as he once did.


Sean is committed to sharing his story and raising funds so that money is no longer a barrier to this life saving treatment.

Alexander Leoni

National Spokesperson


In 2014, Corporal Alexander Leoni suffered a traumatic injury while serving overseas. He was suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD. He had exhausted all other avenues and was soon introduced to Charles and Christina. After trying ketamine therapy at MY Self Wellness he was able to process his trauma and alleviate his symptoms. Now Alexander is a spokesperson for the Warriors of Consciousness and has been sharing his story to help break the taboos and stigmas associated with psychedelic therapy. 


He began the Manganni Jungle project back in 2016 when he left the Marine Corps, after having served as a vital part of an operating system and having been injured in the process; it became evident to how desserted one can feel when taken out of your element. There is no warmer feeling than being surrounded by your brothers, who would die protecting you; training along side each other and enjoying leisure time together. Alexander also severs as the Vice President of the Collier County Veterans Council because of his passion for help veterans.


He is on a mission to try to help others suffering with PTSD and depression through building community and spreading awareness about this powerful mental health treatment.

Sarah McDaniel

Director of Community Outreach


Sarah McDaniel is a former nurse, a death doula, and a psychedelic Integration facilitator. Sarah’s father was a Vietnam veteran with severe untreated PTSD. He passed at 62 years old from the cancer associated with agent Orange. Sarah’s father was the reason she became a nurse though her path led her end of life care rather than the psychiatric nurse she had intended to be.

Sarah has been an advocate for psychedelic treatment for decades. Having experienced the healing both personally and as a facilitator/integrator she understands the powerful healing psychedelics offers the individual.

A lifelong commitment to healing through viable modalities for the best quality of life is Sarah’s biography.

Edward Burke


Bio Coming Soon!

Brad Sisbarro

Veterans Affairs Liaison


Brad Sisbarro is a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps with an impressive eight-year career that saw extensive service during Operations Iraqi Freedom. His role in what stands on record as the fastest land campaign ever, reflects his commitment, skill, and leadership.

During his time with the Marines, Brad was attached to the 11th Marines Artillery as a forward tactical unit, showcasing his expertise in communications. Once in Baghdad, he transitioned to security forces, where he led a team responsible for transporting the colonel between bases and escorting high-ranking individuals from the airport. His responsibilities also extended to close-quarters security for dignitaries and dispatching threats, affirming his status as a dedicated and reliable professional.

Brad’s remarkable military career was recognized with two combat ribbons and a prestigious Presidential Unit Citation under General Mattis.

After leaving the service, Brad carried his experience and skills into the private sector, founding a security firm. His company’s wide-ranging services include dignitary protection, intellectual property investigations, anti-counterfeiting measures, and contracting with the Department of Defense and the FBI.

Brad’s post-war years were marked by personal struggles with survivor’s guilt, anxiety, depression, and OCD tendencies. However, his resilience and willingness to seek help led him to over five years of talk therapy. In 2020, he embarked on a journey into the metaphysical world and explored the healing potential of plant medicine, mainly psilocybin. This exploration became the most transformative healing modality for him, opening new doors to wellness and self-understanding.

Brad Sisbarro’s story is one of courage, transformation, and determination. His military career, entrepreneurial spirit, and personal growth journey make him an inspiring figure, committed to both his professional pursuits and personal wellbeing. His experiences continue to guide and influence his work, as he remains a staunch advocate for veterans’ mental health and alternative healing methods.

Disclaimer Statement:
Warriors of Consciousness Foundation, Inc. is a Florida nonprofit corporation operating through a fiscal sponsorship with
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