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What is Ketamine Therapy?

The future of therapy and mental health is in psychedelics! You can have a life-altering experience with the right dosage, setting, intention, and intent. Research has shown the benefits of Ketamine in treating mood disorders, addictions and chronic pain.


MYself Wellness believes there is no single dose. Each session is customized to suit your individual needs. We consider ourselves to be artists in finding the right dosage for each individual. We will work with each client to ensure that you have the best experience. MY Self Wellness believes in empowerment of our clients at every stage. It is up to you to decide how deep each session should go.


The effects of Ketamine can cause profoundly mystical experiences that can lead to a feeling of oneness and reveal the sacredness in all things. Research is returning to the forefront to help us understand how to make our lives happier and more joyful.


People can love themselves more and allow others to love them. They can also let go of past trauma. It is most effective when the client’s intent is clearly stated and affirmed. The healers should be loving, supportive, and present without being directive. Intention to heal yourself is not a plan but an intuitive feeling. Trust in oneself. Healing love is not something that one does or learns, but something that the staff of healing professionals are able to do. There are many theories about how this works. To ensure a positive client experience, MYself Wellness staff has developed intuitive knowledge.


Ketamine, like other psychedelics acts as a gateway into the unconscious mind, but it is not a true psychotropic. It’s a dissociative drug that can cause profound psychedelic effects. It has been controversial until recently due to conflicting advice, uncited experts, and a stigmatized past.


However, Ketamine Treatment is the leading relief treatment today. 

You may feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied by your healing journey.

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